How is Your Hearing??

Have you noticed that people mumble more often?
Do you find yourself asking friends to repeat themselves?
Have you been told you speak too loudly?
Do you often hear, but do not understand?
Do you find it hard to understand when your back is to the speaker?
Have you noticed you are having more trouble understanding in a crowd?
Does your family complain that you play the T.V. or radio too loudly?
Have you noticed that you avoid some people or situations because you have difficulty understanding?

Early detection is important. Most hearing loss is due to nerve deafness, which gradually worsens with time. Although nerve deafness cannot be cured, it can be helped with a hearing instrument. If you or your loved one suspect nerve deafness, have your hearing checked today. It is the first step toward better hearing and a more enjoyable life.

For more than twenty-six million individuals who suffer hearing impairment, there is an organization that cares, and that organization is A+ Hearing Center, Inc. Because we care, we strive to produce individual solutions for each hearing impaired person we serve.

Specialty Procedures and Instrumentation:

  • Assisted listening devices
  • Complete hearing loss evaluation and recommendation
  • Thorough hearing instrument evaluations, including old and new instruments
  • On-site hearing instrument repairs by factory trained personnel
  • Digital and programmable hearing systems
  • In-home testing
  • Ray-o-Vac batteries
  • Seminars and coffee hours

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