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We have over 45 years of combined experience in the hearing business.

A + Hearing Center in Sun City Center

For the more than twenty-six million individuals who suffer hearing impairment, there is an organization that cares. That organization is A+ Hearing Center, Inc. Because we care, we strive to produce individual solutions for each hearing impaired person we serve.
Symptoms of hearing loss may differ for each person with a hearing impairment. No single type of hearing instrument is appropriate for everyone with a hearing loss, which is why we treat each person with a hearing impairment with special attention.

A+ Hearing Center, Inc. is owned and operated by Don and Chris Guiley. Don and Chris have been in the hearing business for over 45 years combined. The Guileys share the commitment of educating people that hearing should be treated the same as eyesight, as it is one of our contacts with the outside world. Additionally, they share the motto of “We are not just in the hearing aid business, but in the business of helping people hear.”
Welcome, and thank you for choosing our practice for your hearing health care. We
hope this website will inform you about us, the products we have, and how we may serve you.

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Conveniently located in Sun City Center Plaza next to Post Office:

A+ Hearing Center, Inc.
1647 Sun City Center Plaza Bldg. Suite 203A
Sun City Center, FL 33573